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West African College of Physicians - CALENDAR OF EVENTS FOR THE YEAR 2019



February 2019
Update Course in Laboratory Medicine
March 2019
Update Course in Paediatrics
March 2019
Update Course in Psychiatry
April 3-9th
April Fellowship Examinations
June 2019
Update Course in Internal Medicine
June 2019
Update Course in Family Medicine
June 2019
Update Course in Community Health
August 1st to 2nd
Mandatory Ethics Course for Membership examinations
July 29th - August 2nd
Revision Courses for Primary examinations
August 5th - 16th
Revision Courses for Membership examinations
August 12th - 16th
Fellowship Workshop on Research Methodology
August12th - 16th
Fellowship Sub-specialty Revision Courses in Internal Medicine
October 2nd – 8th
Fellowship Examinations
Monday, 4th- Friday, 8th November, 2019.
43nd Annual General & Scientific Meetings, Benin