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To register for Primary examinations on this portal, you need to have scanned and saved some or all the following documents where applicable:
  1. Basic Medical Degree Certificate, e.g MBBS, MB ChB,BDS,etc
  2. Certificate for Professional and University qualifications
  3. Certificate for full Registration with National Medical Board
  4. Certificates for Voluntary Service(NYSC or others where applicable)
Candidates applying to sit for Membership and Fellowship examination should register and pay ONLINE by logging on to where required, documents are to be uploaded.  
  1. Membership Examination MWACP candidates must have passed the Primary Examination of the West African College of Physicians or its equivalent and subsequently satisfactorily completed two years of residency training programme  as prescribed by the relevant Faculty.
  2. Candidates are advised to print the Membership and Fellowship Application Form (FORM C.) to be filled and endorsed by candidate, HOD and Fellows accordingly and upload signed Form C page along with your required documents online Required documents are: 
  3. Evidence of passed primary examination.
  4. Evidence of Registration as a Trainee with WACP.
  5. Certificate of training,
  6. Exemption Letter,
  7. Medical Ethic Course certificate,
  8. Revision/Update course certificate.
Hard copies of all above documents should also be sent to the College Secretariat  along with Log book, Autopsy book, Case books and dissertations. Candidate must have registered for Physician in training immediately on passing Primary and on entering into a training programme in an accredited institution.
Fellowship Examination candidates must have passed the Membership Examination of WACP and satisfactorily completed the appropriate years of training in an accredited institution. Further details are available in the Prospectus of the College. The College Prospectus is available for sale at the College Secretariat.    
  1.  Copy of evidence of subspecialty registration ,(N146,300), must be uploaded.
  2. Evidence of payment of Membership Fees N102,600.00 (College GTB Account number 0028724808).
  3. Evidence of payment of Annual dues for Members N30,400.00 (College GTB Account number 0000528491).
For further Assistance Please contact: Email:
General Admin Office0-08176673532
WACP Administration-08176673531
WACP Examinations-08176673530
WACP Accounts-08090343740